Overview of Our Services


We are offering best quality photos and services for weddings and engagement day. Most packages are inclusive with custom album. There will be choices of packages as guide according to your needs and budget. Don't foget to check out our packages rate.

Potraiture & Studio

Everybody is gorgeous. Expression, personality, and emotion, naturally.

Either outdoor or in studio, any perfect place to be, there will be great moment to be in memory. In collaboration with Studio8, there will be a cozy place to be a model.

Corporate Events

In corporate events, seminar, stage performance, we do covers various angle. We want to capture for you the history in the making, of success.

Either hourly, daily basis, will be there to get things in the picture.

Products & Food

We provide photography service for products, food and beverages. To have perfect photo for your catalogue, brochures, flyers and menus, is a must.

For food photography, it is your choice to have your own preferences of styling the food, or we can help you.


Any sports event, the winner will be there. The spirit of sportsmanship, everybody come together to be a champion.

Whether is big like an F1, or just a school sports day, it is very precious to capture those glory.


We are part of nature. We need to have them in our life.

Capturing nature is a peace of mind job to see the beauty of the world. We will appreciate it more, as without it, no more spectacular views to have.

**Feel free to contact us for more information on our services...